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Coaches Corner

Trusted Coaches

As each season / game kicks off know you are in good hands.  Our coaches do a great job of Volunteers developing our players.  To ensure the best experience we have leveraged Trusted Coaches to ensure all our Coaches are prepared for the season. 


The link below is to be used by coaches, to provide feedback of their games.  Feedback is not required, but if given, should be constructive and cover the opposing Coaches, Team and Parents. 

The purpose of the feedback is to provide the league with insight into a patter of behaviors.  Mis-conduct and negative patterns will be addressed with the Coaches and Association.

Coach Communication


Check out the pdf. file below to ensure that officials are assigned to your upcoming games at the correct date, time, and location. This simple step will avoid any mistakes made during the assigning process and makes sure officials have been notified of any rescheduled/relocated games. Any discrepancies should be reported to Rick DeGardner, LMAA Supervisor of Officials - 651-252-8197


See Rules Tab for all League Rules.


In June 2011, the state of Minnesota passed a concussion law that goes into effect on September 1, 2011 for all youth sports both PRIVATE and PUBLIC. 

In response to this law, the LMAA has created a concussion protocol and provides information on concussions for parent, coach, and player review. 

The concussion information can be found the navigation bar, left side of the website. 

LMAA Coaches and Registration

All Coaching applications and Checklist Items will be tracked Through Trusted Coaches.   Please refer to your associations home page for more information on how to apply and begin completing your requirements. 

Game / Coaches Issues

The LMAA is asking the referees to fill out post-game feedback on all their games again this year.  This feedback is very valuable to the LMAA and used as a self-monitoring tool; ensuring our coaches, parents and players are playing by the spirt of the rules.

If less than desirable feedback is received on a particular game, coach or fan base, the Head Coach for the impacted team will be invited to a Sunday afternoon conference call with representatives from the LMAA Board, your local association and the referees. 

It should not be your goal to be invited to one of these calls.  Game suspensions can and will be handed out.  Please make it a goal to play a clean game.  Be respectful to your opponent, the referees and to each other.  Respect the game.