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Concussion Protocol

Minnesota Concussion Law Signed by Govenor Dayton

Minnesota Govenor Dayton signed a new bill into law on June 8, 2011 that now requires all coaches to sideline athletes who show signs of a concussion. 
Those athletes cannot return to the field until they get clearance by a state licensed MEDICAL health care provider.  Minnesota now joins 20 states with similar laws taking effect. 

 -  The law takes effect September 1, 2011. 

-   This applies to all players under the age of 18 and applies to ALL youth sports organizations both PUBLIC and PRIVATE. 

-   The law also requires that parents have access to risks and symptoms of concussions and coaches must have training on concussions once every three (3) years. 



LMAA Concussion Protocol

The LMAA has adopted a concussion protocol for all Areas involved in the LMAA organization. 

Below is a copy of the Concussion Protocol


More information can also be found on the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) website.



Here is a quick review of concussion symptoms.  A more comprehensive list can be found on the documents listed at the bottom of this page. 

~  Confusion, foggy/groggy feeling, sluggish

~  Dizzy, poor balance

~  Sensitivity to noise or light, blurry vision

~  Headache, feeling of pressure

~  Poor memory: (i.e. can't remember what they ate earlier that day, the score of the game, what happened, etc). 

~  Poor coordination and concentration

~  Nausea/vomiting

Everyone is different and symptoms can be very subtle.  Being knocked UNCONCIOUS is not a requirement. 


~  Headaches that worsen

~  Repeated vomiting

~ Severe neck pain

~  Loss of consciousness or unable to be awakened easily

~  Weakness/Numbness in arms or legs

~  Unable to recognize familar faces/things