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Weigh-In Details

Weigh-In Process

Check the Calendar Tab for the most current weigh-in locations, date and times.

Each player is required to obtain an official weigh-in for the team roster. Each player should make every effort to attend the weigh-in at their district.

The weight provided will be official. There is a minimum clothes requirement of shorts for the weigh-in. 

If a player cannot make it to your Area’s weigh in, they are welcome to go to another area with the following rules:


1.       If there are two weigh ins – PLEASE SEND THEM TO THE FIRST ONE.  I am usually rushing to the 2nd weigh in.  If they have to attend the 2nd weigh in – please ask them to come towards the end of the weigh in. 

2.       We will try to get them weighed in before or after the host area’s teams are through.  IF there is a break between teams, I will do my best to work players from other areas in.

3.       Wayzata is NOT a great night to send players to.  This is the area with the largest number of players.  Once we start the teams we are unlikely to weigh in players from other areas until we are finished.

4.    Ending times below are estimates.