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Rule Clarification Comments

 This space will provide clarifications during the season to common questions that may arise. 

*  On any long snap play (punt, PAT, field goal), there shall be NO defensive player over the center.

7th and 8th Grade Defense New Clarification.

Defensive Tackles must be in a three or four point stance. Defensive Tackles (including Nose Tackles) must be heads up on the offensive lineman nearest them.  Defensive Ends may be in a two, three or four point stance.  The defensive line must be set before the ball is snapped.  Once the Offensive line is set; the Defense Line is not allowed to adjust their alignment or playing position.

Teams may use the standard four (4) or five (5) person front with the defensive tackles head up on the offensive linemen across from them.  Within a rotation, a defensive line must stay in either a four- or five-man formation.  

In a five-man front, the defensive tackles can switch the alignment over the offensive guards OR the offensive tackles, within the same 6 play rotation.

As long as the defensive front is balanced, meaning both defensive tackles are either over offensive guards or offensive tackles, then switching within the 6 play rotation is allowed.